These guys are literally worth their weight in gold! I can't recommend them highly enough. Fantastic job, thanks very much.
Geoff Ainsworth
Mark has always supported our family in many diverse ways in providing his unambiguous opinions and expertise, and continues to do so. The relevance of his knowledge is on a different level altogether.
Gary Soltys
Thanks Dan Farthing, was great to catch up and discuss the direction for my business. If you don't know Dan, he is a trusted part of my team and comes highly recommend. Our session today is one of the many ways he adds value to my business and helps me with my strategy and direction, he isn't just my accountant - if you want the same for your business then I'd recommend making contact with him
Sarah Watts
In my business I have made good decisions and not so good decisions. One of the best decisions I have made is to use Mark's company as your accountants. Their response time is amazing, they are experts in property and they picked up a number of errors that my last accountant made. During account preparation, their team scrutinise the smallest of transactions and ensure I am doing everything most efficiently and more importantly they ensure I am doing everything correctly
Murtuza Pirani
Fantastic company! I've used them for years and they have always been there for me. The regular updates have really put me at ease so that I can spend more time on what matters most to me. They are always quick in dealing with my queries and are super efficient and friendly. Wonderful team.
Alex Robertson
When I first met Mark a few years ago at a property meet, I realised that he was the kind of accountant I needed. Instead of suggesting a new Scheme, he is someone who has your best interests at heart and can act as your 'Chief Financial Officer'
Koshy Jacob
Had a chat with Mark Barrett last week, an accountant who really knows his stuff when it comes to financial matters related to property. I definitely recommend him if you're looking for a specialist accountant.
Darren Chong
I'd highly recommend Property Tax Advice. They are extremely professional, efficient and friendly. They acted so quickly when I needed some changes made to my account. It's a great relief to have such competent people dealing with your financial affairs.
Tabitha Fyffe
You really need someone who understands and lives property to be able to advise you not just on the tactical tax for each project on its individual basis, but also on your overall strategic approach to ensuring you are legally and ethically paying the least amount of tax appropriate and making the rest work smart for you... Mark and his team is that guy/team.
Jamie Oarton
Can't recommend highly enough! Mark is a good, honest, professional and very knowledgeable man! Quick email responses from him and his staff. He takes the time to understand your needs, communicates really well, and explains things to you so they are easy to understand. Thank you.
Jamie Smith
Thank you Sophie Lonsdale for all that you've done. I have appreciated you getting your head around a complex set of accounting situations and making it straightforward for me. I've also found helpful your straightforward style of communication and quick turnaround of your work has been valuable.
Vauna Beauvais
Thank you so much for your time, great support and blessings. I'm very grateful for your professionalism, kindness and best wishes. Many thanks to you and all your amazing team member's wonderful support during the hardships of my business
Brian Kong
Mark always explains tax in a very simple and clear way. As a property lawyer for many years this is very refreshing...gets my vote of confidence!!
Sarah Tomlinson
I had a phone call with Mark Barrett to discuss my property plan that would best suit my goals. Half an hour of really useful discussing with Mark who is extremely experienced and a delight to talk with.
Sam Dent
Jonathan and I wanted to thank you all for your hard work and ongoing support since we moved across to Property Tax Advice. We are impressed by your professional and knowledgeable manner and particularly appreciate your ongoing support last year.
Julie Easen
I highly recommend Mark and his team, from the moment I had requested for an appointment all the way to the completion of the appointment the team had been fully professional and knowledgeable. Mark was extremely patient to understand my situation and my requirements and explained to me the pros and cons of my situation enabling me to make and informed decision.
Helson Chamathayil

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