George Tatham-Losh - Director - Move Lettings
I think I will start of by saying RiverView Portfolio are much more than 'accountants'.My accountant is a man you can trust and rely on and has been a huge help with every aspect of my business and my own personal development. From meeting him at a networking event I think we both had a inkling that we would get on well and would end up working together. After having a lengthy chat I soon realised that he would be there for me, not only as my accountant but as my advisor and now a friend.

I have always been able to rely on RiverView Portfolio to help me out in any situation or business deal even if it is out of normal office hours. Starting a business was not easy at the age of 18 however as soon as I met my accountant I knew that I would always have his full support and guidance on any aspect of my business.

The team at Riverview are fantastic and they deal with everything and really do make your life easy. I could go on and on however I think I will end by saying that I cannot recommend RiverView Portfolio highly enough for a business of any size and would be happy to talk to anyone about the amazing service I have been given. I have recommended many businesses to Riverview and they have all called me and thanked me for the recommendation.
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